In accordance with our mission, “Shaping the advancement of healthcare,” as set out in the corporate philosophy of the Sysmex Group, we work to develop new technologies for the high-value-added products and services we provide to patients and customers.

In recognition of these efforts, in the 2017 Kinki Local Commendations for Inventions Sysmex received the Prize of the Director-General of the Kinki Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, a special award for one invention which also received the Invention Implementation Achievement Award, and the Encouragement Prize for Invention for three inventions. Local commendations for inventions, which are awarded to inventors who create superior technologies and designs and people who endeavor to put such inventions to practical application, have a history dating back to 1921.

Going forward, Sysmex aims to reduce the burden on patients and contribute to increases in the quality of testing. At the same time, we aim to develop superior technologies that instill customers with confidence.

Our Award-Winning Inventions

(1) Special Award: The Prize of the Director-General of the Kinki Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry

Submitted Invention: Hematology Analyzer That Enhances Testing Productivity and Quality (Patent Registration Number: 5198095)
Recipients: Takaaki Nagai, Yuichi Hamada, Masaharu Shibata

This invention relates to a hematology analyzer used to measure and analyze samples of red, white, and other blood cells. With this invention, multiple test tubes stored in a single sample rack are automatically distributed and supplied to two hematology analyzers located adjacently. While one analyzer is measuring samples, test tubes can be transported to the second analyzer to allow samples to be measured, thereby achieving high-speed measurement. In addition, two analyzers can be used to automatically remeasure samples, contributing greatly to a reduction in labor.

This invention is used on the XN-Series automated hematology analyzers XN-2000, XN-3000, XN-3100 and XN-9100.

In addition to the special award, this invention received the “Invention Implementation Achievement Award,” which is given to the representatives of companies recognized for their outstanding achievements in practical applications.